Taxes, Bridges, and Quality of Life in Minneapolis

Last week we were walking along Minnehaha Creek and crossed the bridge over the creek at 32nd Avenue. I noticed that one decking plank had come loose. I knew it would come off completely in a few days and called 311 to report the issue.

A few days later, the old screws had been replaced with four new screws; the bridge was solid again. It made me think, This is why we have taxes. This is why we have an good quality of life in Minneapolis. Because we pay our taxes, we not only have nice trails and bridges, but when there’s a problem with the bridge, a phone call to the city gets the problem resolved.

I don’t mean to sugarcoat the city. There’s poverty. There’s crime. There’s plenty of waste, I’m sure. But, well, when a problem gets addressed so quickly, it’s hard not to reflect that this is a pretty good city to be in. Thanks, Minneapolis Parks & Recreation!

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